Hey Ladies!
How are you doing? Compliments of the season! I really planned to do a lot of Christmas sewing projects but school work is not allowing to even do my pedicure. I'm a total mess right now like i just get out of bed, take my bath, sometimes i don't even eat i just head to the laboratory and come back at night.
Its been so stressful but the thought of posting a tutorial for you guys gives me strength and happiness and i hope you feel this way whenever you see an update for my post.

Today's tutorial is on how to sew a female jump trouser and also how to sew a basic trouser so this is a two in one tutorial. This trouser was made under 1 hour and this is because i was recording and sewing. I think when it comes to sewing a trouser once you get the cutting right, sewing the trouser is a piece of cake with plenty icing.

Oya i know you are tired of the long story here's a tutorial on the easiest way to sew a female jump trouser in no time!

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Love and Sunshine,



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