I'm Ada-uju and you are welcome to stitchadress!
Am so in love with clothes made by me and this...this my sister makes me happy. I'm a botanist maybe that's why i feel so at peace with nature, lover of cartoons, Roman and Greek movies with a little action here and there, in a love relationship with rice, country side music gets to my heart, a  naturalista and a die hard pathologist. My fancy is to sew whatever comes to my head and sometimes this leaves me confused. I love to read and write about what i love, sing to myself, bask in my childhood memories and smile to the future God and i will create. I love to travel in my head because i rarely go out and finally i love to teach you how to sew because it makes you smile and also puts a million smiles in my heart. I don't bite so feel free to hang out with me via these social platforms.

FACEBOOK: @stitchadress

TWITTER: @stitchadress

INSTAGRAM: @stitchadress

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