Happy weekend!!!!
How's your Saturday going? Done with your chores?Do you have plans of visiting an old friend or you just want to stay at home and watch a movie you've watched over 20 times( i do that a lot)? Maybe you have sewing plans for today.... do you? Huh? Yea i thought so. I plan to sew a gown today and i must though laziness is giving me ideas of all the fun funny pastry recipe in my head  i haven't tried hmmmm..... no! no!
i must sew today * the fight going on in my head as i type* i announced the sew#4 challenge and unveiled the fabric i'd be using on  instagram. You too can be part of the challenge just get four fabrics of your choice and join. The sole essence of this challenge for me is to build my wardrobe with me made clothing and also to perfect my sewing skills as i learn with every stitch i make. i wrote a post of the different patterns of Flay HERE and  this tutorial is on one of the patterns called the "A-SHAPED FLAY " and this is how to go about  the cutting.

First, stretch out a considerable length of the fabric and fold like this ( in a triangular way)

then if you consider your width measurement i.e if you are cutting for your bust or waist. when you are done with this, make a slanted line(it could also be a straight line) to indicate where your measure of interest is.

After that, take your desired length starting from the triangular fold,

 take your desired measured at 2 inches interval from the waist or bust width ( depending on what you are working on) downwards

 till you get to the end. 
Then join your markings on different points with lines.

cut this part off

cut the sides and bottom hem too.

this is how it looks still folded

and this is how it looks when spread out. Can you see the "A" shape? we just cut the front part and we all know a dress has a front part and back part. The back part usually bears the zip except for other reasons depending on the seamstress.

Back part
Fold your fabric into two and fold about 1.5 inches for your zip allowance

thereafter lay the already cut "A" shaped fabric on it and...


so now you have both your front and back part "A" shaped

 Easy to cut right?

 more views of the piece

and that's how you cut an A- shaped flay! Do come back to find out what i made this piece into and stay connected to us on Facebook.

P.S. I later found out the right word is "FLARE" not "FLAY"! we learn everyday...



  1. Thanks for the lectures. God bless you dear

  2. This is awesome, pls can u shed more light am just a beginner

  3. Very straight forward

  4. Stitch a dress..... simple and lovely, thank you for this. Can u pls take us on trouser for beginners? God bless u

  5. Thank you soo much stitch a dress. So nice! Can u pls take us on trouser pant for beginners? God bless u

  6. Thank you for putting this up. Please explain a little bit on how to cut the back side. I did not quite understand how I will fold the fabric into two and still fold about 1.5 inches for zip allowance. That will make the fabric 4 which will be front and back. Please make me understand. Thanks

    1. Just fold into two and from the center fold about 1.5 inches for the zip allowance and it will still be two parts not four. The back is only divided into two for the zip allowance...slowly go over the post again sweet

  7. Tankz dear about opening my own fashion store and u ave been an inspiration


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