Hey Ladies!
What's up? In this profession its so easy to go into depression and want to quit because trust me, its not all rosy and sweet all the time from troublesome clients, to style fail, under pricing, increase in sewing supplies, wrong choice of fabric and so on...

Sometimes you even second doubt yourself whether you made the right choice venturing into this career and girl i have had my sad days and the hard truth is it comes and goes...and here's a simple guide to be a happy seamstress or tailor or fashion designer or whatever you call yourself!

  • Choose to be happy: i know you are saying " Ada who has chosen to be sad" my dear nobody does but when those sad days come cry about it, dust your sewing machine and decide to be happy. This is the first step to being a happily ever after tailor.
  • Buy more fabrics: As funny as this sounds its actually a good mood changer. Whenever I go fabric shopping i come back happier because i begin to think of all the things i will sew with the fabric and the whole sadness just frizzles out!

  • Sew trending styles: You don't want to show up in a part wearing a style your Grandma wore when she was 4 because nobody will patronize you if you do so. So sew that trending style with a touch of you design, take your butts to that party and dance to good music whether you know how to dance or not. Make sure you walk around *marketing strategy*  so people can see your dress and ask you who made?

  • Upgrade your sewing skills: I say this all the time. A seamstress always seeking to crack a new style is a seamstress that will stay in business. If you don't go with the trend, learn to cut and sew new styles in a very easy and professional way you will be out of business before you even start. Understand? say " Yasss " in the comment section!

  • Charge more for the services you render: You know you are more than that peanut you are charging that's why you aren't happy with yourself so why not step up your prices and make yourself more income proportional to your hard work. I know you are scared of clients that will leave but trust me you will be grateful you did and the clients that are truly yours will remain with you!
Did this make you happy? Are you gonna try them out?

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