Fear exist even when there's no reason to be afraid talk more of when there is a reason to be afraid hai! it paralyses you. When i started sewing there was no fear at all because as far as i was concerned i was just joining pieces together to sew for my teddy (can't even remember her name).
Then i decided to take it serious and at different times i have nursed different degrees of fears.
Some i easily kick off, others i battle for long till hallelujah! i get victory!. I moved from being curious to worrying why no matter how much i take my time to shape a dress it still comes out amoebic. This crushed my heart ladies and at those moments i wanted to get up and forget i was trying to learn sewing but my mom taught me never to back down without a fight so as  time went by  cutting and shaping became a piece of cake because i went all out practicing with papers and fabrics.

Then i noticed my stitches and  finishing were rough so i forced myself to sew to neatly, not run several lines and loosen when i have made a mistake so i can sew correctly without leaving the seams like Lagos traffic. It worked! My finishing became topnotch but guess what its something i do consciously with every project if not i'm back to my tattered finishing.

Thereafter i became obsessed with sewing more complicated styles and this one was a burning feeling because i felt bad when  i saw styles in the magazine,on the road, on TV and i can't figure out how to sew it . So i used my pen to draw the style on a book, analysed how each part can be achieved and  used papers to try it out before testing on a fabric. i didn't tarry on this fear for long because if i don't get a solution i keep trying several means and i ask for help till i get it. I still ask for help sometimes.

One challenge that has lasted for like forever is learning to sew straight. In fact i'm tired of it. When i think my stitches are straight i see one crooked line and i just hiss. I'm working on it with every sewing project i hope i get  it right someday. Please if you have tips on how to overcome this please share in the comment section.
This last fear is one i know a lot of fashion designers encounter every now and then and its called "the creative block". This one shows up every time i want to create my own design for myself, a client or my clothing line (launching before the end of the year) and can last for days, even months i can't get one design. It just like all the designs have been revealed but its a lie! there's more and i'm still in search for it.
I just talked about my fears with sewing tell me yours... let's help each other. Don't forget to like our page on FACEBOOK , check out how i sewed this skirt HERE and i will see you soon!

Needles and threads,



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