life in your twenties
I never knew i was going to be that girl worrying over why my foundation and powder has refused to blend leaving a funny finish on my face.  Most times lately i do a lot of things to make me happy.

Another failed attempt!
Adulthood is a phase you wonder whether God just wants you to suffer before he answers your prayers.  
I'm so burdened right now with project work,  tension is building up in me about finishing my M.Sc program before December.

Worried about how slow it has become for me to gather up funds for my clothing brand, troubled about where i am in life and it's a long distance from where i want to be.  Sometimes i ask myself this whole confusion and heart aches wouldn't be here if i didn't grow into an adult.  
Adulthood is hard,  tough and difficult and only the  aggressively persistent folks can pull through....Guess what I'm one of them😂.
Don't give up more challenges are ahead and we must overcome!

Tell me how has life been at your end? 

Ada-uju .


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