It's no news that my cousin Amaka got married to the love of her life and i sang about it on social media long before the wedding ceremony and after even though i wasn't feeling so well during the time i was making the dress i just pushed myself harder so i could make it in time.
The wedding was amazing and the most interesting part was seeing love in the eyes of my strong headed cousin * i hope she doesn't see this* and watch her walk down the aisle. I danced so much though my dancing skills are disgraceful but ya girl did what she had to do.

this post is on the outfit i wore for my cousin's wedding and how to sew it.
I opted to sew my dress myself because as per usual i'm skeptical about another person sewing my dress...i just feel they won't get it right  #tailorsguilt. It rained on the day of the wedding just before the wedding party and i preferred that to it raining during the party but the hem of my dress didn't.

Tochi and I
Here are some of the best pictures i could get enjoy it and the tutorial is down so feel free to scroll through.

Jime, Anwuli and Tochi (L-R)

Chidinma and I

Dinma, Dili and I

Amaka and hubby

I wish them a happy union and of course as always people kept asking me when i was getting married hope i wasn't waiting for when i will be through with my M.Sc? Have you experienced this? Let me know in the comment section and tell me if you will try making this dress for an occasion.

Your favorite Tailor,



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