Some styles made headlines last year and if you didn't see or sew any of these you are definitely living under the rock! Are you still there? please come out! *laughing*. These styles were the talk of the town and they made statements in almost every occasion and guess what? They are going no where this year because they are here to stay, slay and play. I know you are curious so...
*drum roll* here they are...

  • Exaggerated Sleeves: i love how these move a dress from simple to classy and just can't stay hidden because the moment you walk by someone is turning around to take a second look at your outfit. Truth be said it made designing easier but our fabrics were not having it because they bore the brunt of the style and that's nothing to worry about. Lots of modifications and new designs will emerge so keep your eyes peeled and your scissor ready to go into action.
Photo credit: @debwritesblog

Photo credit: @msdemi_akin
  • The Kimono: this baby has been around for a while now and how with it each year it blends into outfits (blouses, shirts, gowns, shirt dresses e.t.c) of various styles cutting down time spent on sleeve fixing and armhole manipulation makes my heart jump for joy. This year isn't gonna be different and i'm so hooked on it! 
Photo credit: @princessaudu

  • Mermaid skirt: how this madam managed to push the famous "six pieces skirt" to the back seat and took over the runway still leaves me in shock. Its easy to cut and sew, less time consuming and it fits girls of all size, curve and height. Now tell me why won't it stay in our ateliers this year?
Photo credit: @prettyfaze
  • Monostrap Sleeve: i love how it graced the shoulder of whoever wore it. It came in different forms and i couldn't get enough and me to me its gonna crush this year so if you didn't try it out last year here's another chance fate is giving you *smiling* you better grab it!
Photo credit: @msdemi_akin

  • Two piece set: i love the diversity of how it can be styled and its so budget friendly, fits into outfits for our day to day activities and it doesn't involve complicated stitching. I have already seen different styles of this piece and i'm so making mine....just wait make i buy fabric!

Photo credit: @itsmaryamsalam

These are my top 2018 trends that will be crushing it this year...What do you think? i might have left some out. Let's chat in the comment section.



  1. Such a wonderful and fabulous dresses is this. Big thanks for sharing this with us.


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