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So i travelled really early for the christmas break and packed my dearest sewing machine to safety before travelling to Lagos Nigeria. I didn't get to sew till the past week because i was engaged in school work and when i was ready to sew i didn't bother to worry whether the machine was going to work or not because i have developed a secret formula to make my sewing machine work even
after abandoning it recklessly. We all know that when you leave a machine for a long time without using it, it acts up when you are ready to use it and you might end up spending the whole day in the technician's shop and that won't be funny if you have an urgent dress to make. 

The first thing i did when i brought out my machine this year was bath all its locomotory parts with my dearest and sweetest "EUPAOIL" machine oil.

 I put it in every hole in the machine,in the dog feed, in the bobbin driver and every other place i felt needed the oil then, i allowed it to soak in for a while if possible let it sit in over the night then in the morning clean off the excess oil that didn't soak into the machine or any that would stain whatever i might be sewing and when i was done with this my machine was good to go.

PS. If you know you will be leaving your sewing machine for a very long time endeavour to oil it before packing it up me to you, it goes a lonnnnnng...... a way. I hope you found this post helpful do comment tricks you use to get your sewing machine working after a leaving it for a long time.

Lots of stitches,



  1. Swеet! Thank you for thе guide!

  2. Run the machine at top speed for about one minute and listen for variations in the speed. sewing machine oil


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