here are things i will be doing in the blog this year
What's up people?!
Is it just me or this January is running *hands stretched out*? Because the other day was 1st and now its 15th hmmm... i better start working on my plans before the year goes by like action film.
Last year wasn't the best blogging year for me and it hurt me that i couldn't do all i wanted because my hands were tired but cheers to this new year because this is the year i'm bringing a lot of my dreams for STITCHADRESS to life! So here are things you'd be seeing on the blog this year and me to you *whispering* i'm pumped about this.
  • Video Tutorials: a lot of my tutorials will be in video form for better understanding and also to save time because ya girl must bag an MSc this year. There will still be non- video posts because not every time video. 
  • Fashion post: I will be putting up trending fashion post like styles in vogue, what's trending in the dress making industry and other fashion related topics. 
  • Interviews: this one is one i have been wanting to do for a while now and i think it will be beneficial you and I, its interviewing top Nigeria designers, fellow dressmakers in different sectors and other related aspects. The sole aim of this is to enlighten you more about fashion design and also life lessons to help you if you are planning to venture into the industry...who's excited about this?
  • Cultural Attire Series: I'm a strong believer of customs, traditions,values and how they influence or style and represent us as a people and would like to show an evolution of the modern chic from each tribe. This one is one i'm still skimming how to pull off because the ideas in my head are numerous. This segment of the blog will be showcasing various tribes in Nigeria, their cultural attires and a curated modern look out of a cultural attire. I'm really optimistic about this and can't wait to start. 
  • Get to know me: I'm so pumped about this because i would want us to talk seamstress to seamstress, talk about real life shit!, about my life as a seamstress in my country and other issues we would be discussing from my sewing table.
Some other things might come up during the year but this is it for now and tell me something...What kind of content will you like to see on the blog this year? I really want to know because this blog is here for you and i so drop it in the comment section.

Lots of stitches,



  1. I'm very much impressed with your dreams. God help realize it. I've been a fan for some time now. TeamLotsOfStitches. LOVE From A Fan.

  2. Hey my fellow naija sewist, I agree with you and how the month of flying. Just wanted to let you know that I have a fun sewing challenge to get us all sewing more. Since we're both on blogger it should be easy for you to check my blog out. Thanks in advance

  3. Best of luck with your goals! I'm especially interested in the Interviews and Culture Attire series.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks dearie...they will be coming up soon!


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