Happy New Year!!!
Can't believe 2018 went by so quickly and i missed you so dearly...Yes you reading this post right now. Some of you kept wondering what happened to me and why i just went silent and the only thing i can say is life happened! 2018 is a year i would always be grateful to God for because all the life lessons i learnt and still learning wouldn't have happened if 2018 didn't go the way it went.
Not that i'm happy about things that went south but for the knowledge i picked up after every event. I kept struggling for a while to put post up on the blog till i snapped and decided to let things be till i find an equilibrium because trust me i was close to breaking point.

If you have been following this blog for the longest time you would know that i decided to go back for my M.Sc in plant pathology and had written my entrance exam in 2017 but my admission didn't come till late April 2018 and i resumed in May and that was where the wahala started. Couldn't secure an accomodation early enough and where i was putting up at the time wasn't exactly convenient  to put up a sewing tutorial or work on other things till i was able get a room of my own and then my exams came knocking at the door. 

One major challenge i had was that i didn't have a sewing machine and i know you are wondering how a seamstress doesn't have her own sewing machine but i didn't and that's because at home there is always a sewing machine and didn't see the need to buy one and when i had to leave for school i couldn't go with it because wasn't mine. So coupled with the not getting an accomodation on time, to not having a sewing machine, to dealing with a difficult Genetics course and preparing for other exams i was just overwhelmed. The M.Sc program was consuming my money like fire and i had to cope on a low income which was funny and finally to break the carmel's back i started putting pressure on myself and feeling low and had a lot of uncertainty which did no good because i became depressed and didn't want to do anything again. There were days i just lay in bed all day thinking and crying and crying till sleep comes and takes me to wonderland.

Whilst all that i drew motivation from some bloggers and when i forget my worries for a while i worked on my some of my business plans and strategies on how to execute them. I didn't sorrow all year Nay! I had a good time too with family, loved ones and friends. Laughed a lot, learnt new food recipes, disturbed that special one with all my ideas and i picked up new hobbies like watching educative videos, researching about my business, taking classes on digital marketing and working as a Social Media Marketer for a point of sales firm (this was fun). I also studied other bloggers and learned alot from their daily living and good habits that keeps them motivated in difficult times and i tried some of them  and they worked for me. 

2018 brought a lot of self reflection, growth, continuous thirst for knowledge, a change in my approach to life, rebuilding of self confidence, clearing every doubt of  failure and to keep seeking for adventures because that's what makes life interesting. I learnt to plan for the future and to set my priorities right without wavering because people will always talk but i shouldn't always listen and to trust God with all my mind, body and soul because he makes everything beautiful in his time. One thing i tried to do last year and will do this year is work on my bad habits because its not gonna take me anywhere and you should too!

I got my sewing machine in November and my joy knew no bounds because indeed God makes everything beautiful in his time. I'm forever grateful for all the life lessons i learned in 2018 and i'm stepping into 2019 like a BOSS because its time to bring our dreams to reality. A post on how things would work here this year will be up next so stay glued and i want to read one life lesson you learned in 2018 in the comment section so please drop one!

Took this picture in class after rushing out of my room like a crazy woman



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