When i was a newbie in sewing i came across lots of style i couldn't sew and it just increased my zeal in learning how to sew because i will always tell my myself "Ada this dress was made by someone on earth not in Mars so you must find a way to sew this style" and trust me i always did.
At those times i learnt tricks that helped me overcome those style challenges and i still use them now because we never stop learning and everything now and then we come across styles we can't sew. 
So here are things you should when you can't sew a style...

• Sketch: We bump in on these styles everyday on the street, in the market, church, on social media etc. The idea is to have a graphic copy of the style you saw.  If it's on social media you can take a screenshot and later sketch it on your sketch pad if you want, if its on the street try to have a very good look and the moment you find a pen and paper sketch it sharp sharp if not you might forget particular details of the style.

•Analyze: Sketching the style is one step , analyzing it is another step to understanding how it was made.  When analyzing try taking it in parts e.g if it's a gown, analyze how to upper part(bust region)  of the gown was made before going to the lower part(hips region) of the gown. This will help you comprehend how the style was drafted and if you still have confusion over the style take your time in trying to get the concept of the style.

•Attempt Cutting:  if you've been able to understand how the style was made through your analyses hurray! You are one step to creating it! When you want to attempt cutting the style for the first time do it with a pattern paper or a newspaper. I used to do mine with newspapers before trying it out on pattern paper.  This is very important because while cutting the idea of how it was joined will become more real and once you can get the cutting right you are one step to sewing it to reality.  If you make mistakes while trying to  cut just keep practicing with the papers and ask a friend or brainstorm with another seamstress she might just show you what you've been doing wrong or an easier way to achieve the style.

•Recreate: When you have figured 90% of the style out it time to recreate the style.  If you are not so sure don't use a very expensive fabric and though you might fret just run your stitches you might be amazed how good it turned out!

•Keep practicing: Even if it doesn't look perfect  at first, when you try it out again, it just gets better.

These are tricks i have used and still use  whenever i come across a style i can't sew and it never disappoints me.  Please 🙌🙌🙌  follow me on instagram and facebook  and do share in the comment section tricks you use whenever you come across a style you can't sew.

Love and Sunshine,



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