My life has been a roller coaster since 2015 and just yesterday i realized that i have been on the move since then. I have constantly shuffled between the western and eastern part of Nigeria because i had to go through my NYSC (a one year mandatory service to fatherland), to staying with my brother because i wanted to try out all the ideas in my mind
and staying with him gave me a sought of freedom and elasticity, to travelling back and forth while processing my M.SC admission and finally settling in for the program.
I had numerous trips within same axis and one thing i always looked out for when travelling was a place to sew because somehow it has now become a part of me and staying in a place with no access to a sewing machine is just torment to me. So i have been in a new city for about four months now without a sewing machine of my own and somehow i have thrived and that's what inspired this blog post because i have been making a few outfits for myself without having a personal sewing machine.
The first thing i did was to look around for the nearest seamstress and the idea i had was to walk up to her and kindly ask if i could use her machine and i didn't mind paying but i didn't find any and there was a sewing machine where i was putting up before i got a hostel and that served until i moved to my hostel and all hopes of even making a stitch in two weeks were shattered.
When i got to the hostel i got chatty with some ladies and asked if there was any seamstress around but the unfriendly  response i got from someone who goes there deterred me from going so i stayed hopeless for a while till i remembered a girl who sews and she has her own atelier and in seconds  i put a call across to her and she opened the doors of her office to me. Come to think of it i met her some four years ago while she was sewing and i kept her company and even asked her some questions about her sewing journey.
I never knew i was going to dive into sewing one day and the acquaintance i made with her several years ago paidoff. Sometimes its good to ask for help when stranded, value friendship or acquaintances because you never know who might bail you out and always... always have a goal that no circumstance can defeat...with that when opportunities come up, you will laugh for victory.
Now to the dress i'm wearing i made it out of a yard of fabric i got at 800 naira and i wanted something really simple so i ended up with this.
I have worn it thrice and i think i would wear it to school tomorrow. Come to think of it o...its not been up to four weeks i made this gown and I have worn it almost every week. *covers face* that's what happens when you love a dress so much

I'm planning to buy my sewing machine  hopefully before the end of this month and i can finally be back to posting sewing tutorials and sharing my makes! In other news its a new month and i can't believe the year is running to a finish. 

Have you been in this situation before? How did you quench your sewing thirst pending when you bought your very own sewing machine? Let me know in the comment section.



  1. Great perseverance, finding time and a place to sew! Last year I was traveling almost all year, I spent 11 months visiting 11 different countries - spending a month in each one. I had some serious sewing withdrawal! I did an awful lot of handsewing, mending and making things for the friends I was traveling with. Then, when I was in Ghana, I got to borrow a hand-crank sewing machine one afternoon. I was in heaven! I made myself a new dress! A couple months later, I was in Romania and I got to borrow a basic electric machine for an entire weekend! I made myself a jacket, and two dresses to ship home to my little sister! Also, in Thailand, I made friends with a seamstress and was able to use her sewing machine for a bit of mending once or twice. All this came from just making friends, and when they learned I loved sewing, they were happy to share their equipment with me :)

    1. Wow! You should really love travelling....yea and just making friends helps alot especially if you are in a new place. There's this feeling of fulfillment when you finally sew after a long time.

  2. You are pretty fabulous. Your dresses are simple yet gorgeous. Thank you.

    1. Thanks lovely really appreciate your kind words

    2. Thanks lovely really appreciate your kind words


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