Happy new month ladies!
Have you ever had a style fail and ended up not completing that sewing project because everything went south? Well i have experienced this over and over again till i devised a way to get over the grieve of ruining my initial style and getting the motivation to continue sewing. So
below are the things you should do when a style goes south!
Don't panic: The first thing everyone does when they've noticed a style fail is panic and trust me that's the wrong thing to do because you just make things worst by getting agitated and might even make more mistakes.

Examine: So after trying not to panic this is the time when you should carefully observe the dress and find out where you went wrong or what step you missed that resulted into the style fail. Am sure at this point the gravity of the style fail would depend whether you should continue with the sewing but quitting is not an option so you must continue ! Can i get an amen?!

Try  fixing it: So no matter how great the fail is, determine it must be fixed and it must turn out fine because in sewing we don't quit till we bring our dream designs to life! So if the pressure of failure is bad instead of whining and crying go wash a pot or and babysit your sister's baby if you have one just do something productive then came back and face fixing the dress squarely!
Change the style: There's a popular say in Nigeria that "every mistake is a style" so if you have tried to fix the dress and it didn't come out as you envisioned, no time to cry over spilled milk just switch the style and adjust it to something unique. 
There's always another hidden style in a main style you copy that? What ever you do just make sure you complete the sewing project by making something wearable and this leads me to the last point which is.....
Resizing the dress and giving it out!  Yes you heard me right!
Sometimes while trying to adjust a style we temper with the measurements and it might not fit properly again so instead of getting angry you can't wear the outfit again just think of one of your friends that has been begging you to sew for her, fit it to her size and give it to her as a gift!  Guess what?  She would love you more!  
These are some tricks i use when a style goes wrong on me. 
Have you experienced a style fail before?Let's get chatty in the comment section! 



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