Somehow double breasted top came back into fashion and i figured out its just the right time to do a tutorial on it! The trick here is adding extra lapping allowance to the center front part of the dress when cutting. That being established.... let's start!

I folded my pattern  paper into two

and from center i measured 3 inches at the top

and at the bottom.

Thereafter i connected the top and bottom markings with a straight line to be more precise.

I marked  my neck line out with the neck depth at 5 inches and width at 3.5 inches, proceeded to  my shoulders at 8.5 inches and  marked out my armhole. 
my point of interest was where my neck depth met my lapping allowance so i ticked it harder...

and cut.
here's how it looks
I cut the center open and

notched where the lapping allowance started because that's what guides me to get the style right!

finally with the aid of notch i lapped both sides on each other and the double breast took shape.

I lapped to the left but you can do yours to the right or however it pleases you!

P.S. if you think the part that's laps to the outside  is a bit too high you can trim it a bit to enable it blend well but in a way it won't  expose your boobs.

Hope this post was helpful do let me know your struggles in the comment section and i want to be friends with you on instagram and on facebook so follow me and lets connect!



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