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How have you been? Hope you have been having the best time of your life? You know having the time of our lives isn't when things are rosy or perfect...its when we enjoy every victory and endure each failure learning from our mistakes and knowing its a test to make us better individuals so don't bend your head low for a long time over lost battles brace up, plan, work hard, pray and you would smile again.

This post is long overdue! its been sitting in my draft for a long time and am glad i can finally put finishing touches to it so you can learn to cut your very own shirt. Before we start i want you to know that its one of the easiest outfit to cut so bearing that in mind lets start!

Fold your fabric into four leaving about 2 inches for button allowance( i left a little too much for mine...) and cut out your desired length for the shirt.
Yea something like this...then fold in the the button allowance and secure with pins

When you are done it will look like this  and then proceed to take your measurements bearing in mind that the part with the button hole allowance is the front part and the one with out is the back.

Front Neckline Measurement

Back Neckline Measurement

when you are done taking these measurements cut and don't forget they are in inches.

Back side

Front side
You can see the button allowance is still folded in and don't forget to notch the top and bottom point where the button allowance began and also the center of the front and back side. Give the button allowance a good press with an electric iron or what ever type of iron you have hahaha...

So that's how to cut a shirt and i hope this post would guide you properly and please please i love feedback leave a comment or better still send me a picture of your cut piece on Facebook or Instagram.



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