Happy new month!
I know its more than half of the month but it occurred to me that i didn't wish you a happy new month that's why am doing it now. Hope you've been fine? How's life going? And sewing? Any new challenge? For me its been like a rest time, i even took a trip to northern Nigeria Zaria to be precised and its been cool here but i can't wait to get back to work, school and everything i want to do.

One of the challenges i faced when i wanted to take sewing serious was stashing up fabrics in fact i didn't have one fabric in my closet and this made me sad because i see a beautiful style i want to recreate but can't because fabric no dey and it was like that till i found a way to always have fabrics that i now have surplus and its adding up by the day. Like the good girl that i am  am going to teach you how to do same so you would always have fabrics First! grab a bottle of coke and lets begin! 

  • Plan to buy: we plan to cook, plan to wash, plan to make our hair and even save up if its an expensive hairstyle likewise to always have fabrics you have to plan to buy fabrics don't believe you will get fabrics cos you won't if you don't have a plan to buy. So the number one rule is to have a plan to buy fabrics.
  • Save towards it: After planning to buy the next thing is to save towards it. If you have the money at hand good! buy the fabrics but if you don't save towards it! Why i encourage saving towards it is because you are not buying one o no! you would get at least more 3 different fabrics cos you are trying to have fabrics to always fall back on without going to the market each time you want to sew.
  • Consider per fabric price: I always consider this when fabric hunting because it has really helped me and i think it would help you. I most of the times do not buy ankara prints  Because they are not budget friendly to my fabric stash before you start shouting how!how! lemme explain...To get a good quality ankara will cost me about 4000 for 6 yards but i can actually get English prints at 500 per yard and i would get 8 yards of different fabrics that's if am buying two yards each of different prints at 500. So i limit my fabric hunting to English prints which are cool, classy, affordable and budget friendly. If you don't have money to buy ankara prints or expensive prints go for cheaper ones that you will always have enough to play around with.
  •  Refill: Don't wait till you run out of fabrics before don't do that! I normally have my mini fabric purchase between my main fabric hunt, its a way of replenishing your stash to avoid using it all up and its easy to do. Just buy one fabric whenever you see you've used a couple of fabrics from your stash.
P.S: this is one trick i have learnt over time and it has helped me to always have fabrics to sew

  • Collect from your peeps: My people this is the sweetest and easiest way of getting fabrics. In fact i have gotten 4 yards joined together of different fabrics by doing this. When my cousin brings a fabric and says i should help her cut it or we should design a style i trickishly tell her i would collect a yard from it and  if she agrees i just added to my stash! Just like ! Sometimes i have to use strong eyes to do the collection if not that girl won't give me.

i wanted to buy this fabric but i allowed my cousin to talk me out of it now i can't sleep

So these are my ways of not running out of fabrics and i hope they are helpful to you. If you know other ways of stashing up please share in the comment section and please don't forget to follows me on instagram and facebook



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