Most people say am weird and i don't believe them and  hope you won't join them by the time you are done reading this post. What ever made them say that i don't know *hands stretched forward* so are 14 random facts about me.

  •  I love rice and don't mind eating rice 3 times a day, 7 days a week. i love rice! i love rice!! staying a day without eating it feels like one year. I always think of cooking different types of rice like jollof rice, banga rice, local rice, tomato rice, milk rice...wanna hear more?
  • I don't have a favorite colour almost all colours go with my skin tone and sincerely i don't have a one colour i would is my favourite. I wear red whenever i can't figure out what to put on and because of that my friends have concluded its my best colour. 
  • Am very emotional: I hate this...little things make me cry and sometimes i ask myself oya why are you crying now?
  • I write scientific names of plants instead of the common name every one knows and even call them when having a conversation about it. its so bad that i have to make conscious effort to always call it by its common name when am not talking to a botanist. You wouldn't blame me i studied Plant science and Biotechnology and whenever i make my market list i write the scientific names of the plants i want to buy instead of their common names. it helps me not forget their names easily now that's not weird right?

  • Too conscious of my body and I worry about how my butt will looks in a skirt or about people that won't stop staring and i just want to disappear.
  • I have zero makeup skill and can't even draw my brows and i see the whole makeup process as stress so i just stick to an eyeliner and a bold lippie and am so scared of carving my brows cause i can't imagine blade over my face so i just let it be.
  • I understand Ibo and Yoruba but can't speak them fluently.
  •  I rarely buy clothes because i sew my clothes plus i don't see any reason why i should buy clothes when i can make them so i just buy the fabric and sew it myself!

  • Am so scared of heights.
  • I don't know how to style my hair in fact its an uphill task for me so i just pack it into a bun because all the time i see a beautiful style and try to recreate it on my head it ends up looking nothing like what i saw.

  • I can't sleep with the lights off and for the records am not scared!
  • I love cartoons yes! i never grew out of love for it while growing up and would always choose it over movies but i watch other movies o.
  • I don't like making my hair it hurts my scalp a lot and gives me red eyes and headache too so i prefer carrying my hair like that.
one time i visited Aba fabric market
    • I've got brown eyes sometimes i even forget i do but the moment am talking to someone new they are like "you've got beautiful brown eyes"  trust me naa...I'm like "thank you" rolling the eyes oo...to be a fine girl is not easy.
    • I don't easily smile and i don't even know why! My default face is frown and it kinda helps me overcome shyness but its not a good thing so am working on it.

    Here are 15 random facts about me and am sure am not weird or am i? Wanna read one random fact about you so lets head to the comment section and see whose got the most interesting one.



    1. Lol... You are not weird at all. I am scared of heights too, not much of a make up freak too. I used to think pink was my favorite color but I realize I have no favorite color or food.
      A weird fact about me is that I love to sleep .
      I love your blog...

      1. Thanks for agreeing am not weird and I love to sleep too especially after I have eaten enough rice and thanks for stopping by the blog!

    2. We could be twins on the makeup, frowning and hair thing... And cartoons :)
      Love the blog


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