Hey lovelies!
What's cooking? I have been  lazying around the house today and am not just feeling myself. I have had a lot of research and IG follow up for the growth of my business and so far it has been challenging but am enjoying it. Did you see my big announcement? Check it out here! people that's how i carried my God given legs to a studio cos i wanted the pictures of my collection to stand out because for now i snap with my phone and it doesn't do justice to the style. If you see the studio ehen...expensive cameras Canon o! Cool backgrounds and wonderful reception and somehow i felt i was going to get my perfect shot. After turning left and right, blowing kisses into the air (this one was difficult for me) changing into three outfits and giving my best poses the pictures came out blurry. I was angry, exhausted and hungry. They tried to explain rocket science to me but i wasn't having that and the ones that even looked a bit clear they photoshoped the life out of it and i was  looking like an animation. I blamed my self over and over again for going there, wasted my time, money and energy but its all good. Am planning to buy a camera and a new phone cos i need to up my game meanwhile i await my 50% refund because i can't even use those pictures.
My previous post was on how to cut a basic sleeve and today's tutorial is something similar. Like i said the other day cutting these sleeves are very easy to cut if you get the basic right. So here's how to cut a puffy sleeve.

Fold your fabric or pattern paper and cut out your desired length with added inches for folding and shaping

then draw the armhole line as seen above...

Yea something like this...the difference between a basic sleeve (aka shirt sleeve) and a puffy one is the rather elongated upper side before the downward slant *don't know if you are understanding what am explaining there's an illustration below*
Oya o see the difference between it and the above....this is a picture of a basic sleeve.

After drawing the armhole line just cut it.

Now this is how it looks when spread out

and this is how a basic sleeve looks when spread out...Can you see the difference? Do you get it?

To make it  puffy run some stitches along the armhole line,

pull to make it shirred, then use your hands to arrange the shirrs as you want it! 

There you go....its puffy!  Easy breezy!

Which is your to go sleeve? A shirt sleeve( basic sleeve) or a puffy sleeve? Mine is a shirt sleeve because its so simple to sew and i never go wrong with it. Don't forget to drop your sincere comments i love hearing from you and don't forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM and  FACEBOOK.



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