Have you ever worn a blouse and the facing just kept popping up like facebook notification? Or a skirt that was turned over but the lining kept popping out like puff puff? Its possible the seam wasn't topstitched or it was actually topstitched but wasn't done the right way.
Here's a tutorial on how to topstitch correctly.

P.S : This tutorial was done with the hem of a gown but is applicable to any part of a clothing you want to topstitch.
Sew the lining or facing to the main piece then

 turn the seam inside reviling the right side of the fabric. Can you see how puffy it looks? Am sure you don't want your seam looking like that right...?

After that spread out the fabric and push the seam opposite the direction where you want the seam line  to be properly defined

and just sew on  the lining or fabric cut out as facing and make sure you sew on the seam that was pushed.

Thereafter push it inwards a bit 

sprinkle water on it 

and press both backside and front side of the seam with an iron.

When you are done with this you'd have a pop free topstitched seam. Try it out and let me know how it went and i really want to sewcialise with you so let's be friends on Facebook and Instagram.




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