How's your week going? Mine is going as planned...This is a quick tutorial on how to cut a basic sleeve and its very very very very simple. I had issues with cutting sleeves when i started sewing but i finally found my way around it and since then its been the easiest part of an outfit to sew. 

Measurements Needed
  • Sleeve length
  • Sleeve length circumference
P.S: Its best if you practice with a pattern paper first before trying it out on a fabric...

Get the required length for your sleeve and remember to add 1 or 2 extra inches to the length and width for seam allowance and in case of a mistake.

For this tutorial we are cutting one sleeve at a time so fold the paper into two

then shaped out the sleeve line as seen above

after that verify the width in the upper part of the sleeve to ensure it would fit your hand perfectly...mine is usually between 4.5 to 5 inches.
When you are done just cut...

Measure out the length of your armhole and mark that point

then measure out the width of your arm (sleeve circumference) and mark

after that join your markings with lines

and cut! Remember...don't cut exactly on your measurement leave about 1 inch allowance for sewing. If you followed the few steps on a paper or fabric clap for yourself...You just cut a sleeve.

When spread out this is how a basic sleeve looks
Here's a video for better understanding 

The thing with this sleeve is once you learn how to cut it you can cut almost every type of sleeve and for every sleeve length you measure don't forget to take the measurement of sleeve circumference at that point. Hope you have found this post helpful? I'd like to know if you found it easy to cut this sleeve so talk to me on the comment section.



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