My childhood friend got hitched to the love of her life on the 4th of January and guess who carried out bride's maid duties??? Me!!! When Dinma told me she was getting married i was happy and did a little happy dance just after reading the chat then when she asked if i could be on her train i said yes without even thinking about it. Later on i kinda opted out *covers face* but she convinced me and i started feeling guilty for almost not keeping to my words.

The colour chosen was blue and i can't really say if i like blue...maybe its because i have never owned an all blue outfit. I didn't really bother because almost every colour fits but started worrying about the style and i was like that for days racking my head mainly because the yards of material apportioned won't be enough for me to create the selected style and i didn't want to sew it anyhow.

P.S: The bride gave us our fabrics to sew the style ourselves and i was happy about it because i was already thinking of a way to ask her to give me my portion cos i can't imagine someone i wasn't sure of her sewing skills sew my outfit *naughty me*I some how convinced her to allow me tweak my style a bit and here's the outcome!!!

This picture was taken in a hurry cause the bride left for church without  us...can you imagine? crazy right?  I even forgot to remove my hair band from my wrist till we were on our way to church.

While taking the pictures Dinma's aunt kept giving me vibes and i couldn't help but take a shot with her! I love her smile...
I met an old friend and it made my day!
Here's somewhat the original style i was suppose to sew  *see that blue sponge photo bumping*

After taking this shot Kene said i was prettier but i felt she was instead...What do you think?

I really enjoyed the wedding, had fun dancing and doing some other things for the bride. The only problem i had with this gown is i used my old full length measurement ( didn't know i had grown a bit taller) and by the time i wore my heels, my gown jumped revealing  my shoes and this is something i don't like because for me when wearing a long gown your shoes are not to be seen and i just updated my body measurement for next time. What i love the most about this gown are the sleeves replaced with straps cos it gives it this chic look.
 It was at this wedding i concluded that my childhood friends have a very special place in my heart and am ready anytime any day to turn up with my best dancing shoes.

 I would have put up a photo of the couple but don't know if the bride would approve of it. What do you think about this gown and where would you wear it to? Talk to me on the comment section.



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