Towards the last quarter of 2017 i had used up almost all the fabrics in my stash. It made me not sew all the funny funny ideas that popped in my head and i became guilty of what i always preached about not running out of fabrics because it kills every sewspiration
 you have. The situation wasn't one I liked so i made arrangements with my cousin and that's how we went to this market. I have been here once and i kinda love how spacious the shops are and the walk way too... not so crowded like the other fabric markets i have been to and this was my second visit. The market is just after the famous Onitsha bridge that connects the southern and eastern part of Nigeria. There were fabrics everywhere and sellers kept screaming "Aunty i have what you are looking for!" I laughed each time they said this.
There were beautiful Ankara fabrics everywhere but i didn't buy any that day because i wanted to buy just English prints. Although the vibrant colours of the Ankara prints kept calling my attention and i even had to price one i know i wasn't going to buy ( i do that to quench my appetite....who else does this?) and silently prayed the owner doesn't ask me to collect it for the price i negotiated.

I finally got to the shop where i buy fabrics and i was happy! I surveyed the whole place before i began to choose what i wanted. 

So here's what i bought...

P.S: I got these two in December when i visited this market and i love their texture

I wanted to buy this fabric but my  cousin talked me out of it with naughty reasons so i didn't buy it but the next time i go fabric hunting am definitely going to buy It.

I have some Ankara fabrics in my stash and some were given to me by my aunt, collected one from my cousin with strong eyes but her younger sister willingly gave me some of her's.

Bought some zippers, a pack of measuring tape that can last ten years that's if i don't do charity with it hahaha... and a  pair of scissor.

That is all i got at the fabric market and from there we went to another market where i bought a bottle of hair conditioner, a nail file and some sugar cane cos i was hungry. Some of it fell off whilst we navigated through the market and i had just little left.

I enjoyed this market trip and i look forward to the next one coming soon because i can't get tired of  buying fabrics. Have you been to this market before? What was your experience like? Do you have plans of stashing up soon? Let me know what kind of fabrics you wanna buy. Please please let's sewcialise on Instagram and facebook Till next time....

 Your girl,



  1. Nice posts dear, I just cant take my eyes off the last picture. Have an idea where i can get one now?


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