I can't thank you enough for sticking with me this far especially when i went on an unannounced break you still remained here waiting earnestly for my next post. That alone encouraged me to do the best i can and am humbled by your continuous post engagement, your zeal to reach out to me to say "thank you" all i can say is you are my motivation yes you! and am so grateful you have decided to learn stitching tricks
from me even as we grow in the fashion design industry together.
 On instagram I talked about how i made this gown for my birthday in May and was not able to take a shot of it though i have worn it severally. I finally had the chance to take some shots with it and am madly in love with the lady i see!. I also announced on facebook that our measurements will now be given in pictorial dimensions instead of the step by step way we are used to here and this is because we are gradually moving to more advanced sewing and the step by step pictorial explanation of my measurement is slowing down my post plus i need to start talking advanced with you! Soo.... let's begin!!! This dress does not have a zipper cos its kinda stretchy so i just folded it into two, then into four. Measured out my desired length plus sewing allowance then i took the following measurements. For easier understanding of this gown check out how to sew a simple gown here.

Neck depth - 7 inches
Neck width - 4 inches
Armhole - 8 inches
I repeated same steps for the lining of this gown.

The bottom hem and armhole is taped with another fabric and i prepared the tape by straight cutting another fabric that's 3 inches wide and applying gum stay on it to make it firm.

Picked my dart on both the front and back side of this dress(check out how to sew a gown dart here),
then i joined my shoulder, measured out my body measurements, marked, and sewed .
all i did on the fabric i repeated on the lining and thereafter used the lining to turn over the neck line of the gown.
When i was done with that i used the tape i made from the other fabric to turn in the hem of the gown and i also shaped my armhole and still used the tape to turn it in.
when i was finished with that i folded the hem of the lining, stitched it and ironed out the whole dress.
N.B: i do my ironing as i progress, i don't wait till am done.
This gown was a fast one for me and in less than 2 hours i was done with it.

Thanks for stopping by and do let me know what you think of this dress in the comment session.




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