Hi guys......!
Its been a long long time and i feel like its been ages since i took a break from blogging and am so sorry for keeping you in the dark. Am in that stage of my life where i have to make concrete decisions for myself in the bid to create the life i love. I can't say am enjoying it neither do i have regrets about the efforts i have made to bring my dreams to a reality. i won't stop to try to see if it will work out hell no!
I won't! i will keep giving it the best watts of my strength till i see myself practically live my dreams. I moved from being ill to getting better, getting a job, quitting the job and right now am battling with acne. its just allover my face. i have used all kinds of soaps, facial cleanser, natural remedies but still it has refused to go...i just bought another bottle of facial cleanser and i know it would work you know why? whenever i apply it on my face i pray and tell God to take it away from me that i need my flawless face OVERWHELMED with life but am also GRATEFUL for every new day.  ok  ok enough of me back to sewing matter. Check out how i cut this blouse here and below is how to stitch it up!

Use your pressing iron to iron the allowance while it is still folded. Do this separately on each half of the back piece,

 fold the edge of the allowance a little and sew.

 Do this for on each half of the back part,

when you are done with that just lay them on each other and make two lines of stitches.

done with the back part!!!!

From the center mark  mark 2 inches, from the point of your 2 inch mark measure out 6 inches. 

That six inches you measured out pleat it as seen above it you get to the point where you initially marked 2 inches.

secure with pins and run a stitch through the center and the sides also to keep the pleats in place.

cut out 2 inches of fabric, fold, run some stitches, turn over then, from where the pleats started below attach it there, flip it over and top stitch it at the neckline.

back and front side ready!!!

Cut out 1.5 inch of fabric to make a bias tape,

sew one part of the shoulder

starting from the shoulder you didn't join 

attach the tape around the entire neck line, fold it over and top stitch.

finally finally join the other shoulder.

Take your bust and waist measurement from the lap started

then join the front and back part.

can you see the excess on the arm hole and side seam??? trim it off so they can be equal. if yours doesn't have don't trim oo before you say Ada helped you ruin your fabric!

Shape out your armhole to receive the sleeves

cut out your sleeves and fix them, then fold the hem of the sleeves and sew, do the same for  the hem of the blouse.

i decorated my blouse with some pearl beads to add some style...

 could hardly smile... i was ill

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