Hello seamstress!
Its been a while...whatever happened in august is still a puzzle to me and it got me thinking how i would cope when i get preggy or more busy. I had to prepare for an exam but i sewed two fabrics out of the four meant for the august sew #4 challenge with the hope of uploading the process here on the blog when am done with my exam but that didn't happen. I took ill,
my machine started acting up and the technician was far away, my emotions were on high *cried a lot* and even when i tried to put myself together type a post, my network just keep frustrating my efforts as i watched the rain fall almost everyday. In all i was sad because i had envisioned a very interesting month here on the blog but fate had something else in stock. Am fine now and the only thing i just want to do is make-up all the time i have been absent here to so sorry for the silence, do forgive me and lets be sew mates again.
This gown is an easywear i.e kinda free but still well fitting on the body. If you missed how i cut it check it out HERE.
I joined the two back pieces together at the zip allowance

after that i spread the allowance open, spritz some water on it and ironed it out.

When i was done with that, i marked, took measurements for my dart

and immediately picked and sewed my dart.

i did this for both sides of the back part.

after that i applied gum stay on the straps

 turned it over using the facing

and stitched

From the center i marked 5 inches on the front part and back part

then i attached the strap at the 5 inch point of the slanted side of the front part and back part
and then i joined my shoulders together.

how it looked

I laid the center of the front part and back part with the help of the notch and also aligned the rest of the fabric for measuring out my body measurement. 

I added half inch to my normal measurement on each side while marking so the dress can be free and still fit properly on me.

Stitched both sides

At this point i wanted to leave this dress like this because it looked beautiful already but no! I had to stick to the initial style

I measured the width of the neck,

thereafter i folded some fabric and cut out the actual flare length needed

and also cut out the lining.

Used the lining to turn up the hem of the flare

and attached the flare to the neck of the gown.

Turned the armhole in with bias and 

just stitched the strap armhole without bias.

After this, i bent the hem over, stitched and was done with the gown.

Shades of pretty

Can you see the "A" shape

can you see the slant?

The day i took these pictures i still wasn't feeling well and i was trying so hard to smile but the smiles were all cranky.

N.B:  If after sewing and the slanted part of the neck does not rest on the shoulders but keeps dropping just stitched the flare and the strap more together on the shoulder lines i.e pick it and sew both together.

I know some of you are wondering why am calling this gown pink when its obviously red...The thing is it has some specks of pink in it and i just feel like calling it pink though it red *naughty me*. Follow me on instagram (lets sewcialize) and don't forget to share or comment.

Your Sewmate,



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