Am happy i can finally share this make with you. Life off late has been challenging, demanding the best of me and a little tough but am most grateful to God that am living one day at a time in him though sometimes am mentally exhausted and all i want to is close my eyes and make a wish ( like in the movies) and all my worries will be gone.
This is a late late late late post, its one of the fabrics i selected for my august sew#4 challenge and its been ready since august *forgive my inability to upload on time* i have even worn it out a lot. The style is a simple blouse with some shirr (gathers) just above the breast, the back has zip allowance that was sewn outwards and the neck was taped with bias made from the fabric. Imagining already? the following is how i cut it into pieces *hehehehe* 
I cut the back separately  from the front part. i folded into two

marked 24 inches for my blouse length and cut it out.

Then i folded about 1.5 inches for zip allowance, secured with pin and slit fold open whilst it was still folded. when i was done with this i notched the center of the fabric.

From the center i marked 4.5 inches for neck width,

extended the tape forward and marked my 9 inches for my shoulder length (half inch allowance included)

and from that point i extended my tape downwards and marked 8 inches for my armhole.

When i was done with that i measured 1 inch for my neck depth connected all my markings with lines and i cut it all out ( sorry i forgot to capture how it looked after joining the lines and when i was done cutting it).

For the front i marked and cut out 29 inches as blouse length ( 5 extra inches for the shirr included) 

then i marked 4.5 inches for neck depth,

from the center i marked 4.5 inches also for the neck width, 

extended my tape forward and marked 9 inches for my shoulder length.

From that shoulder point i marked 8 inches downwards for my armhole,

joined my markings with lines....

and finally my people i chip..chip chip *cutting sound* it off !

Cutting this was so simple and quick. Do come back for a post on how i made it into a beautiful blouse.

Lots of love,



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