I know you are already wondering  what am up to when you saw the title of this post. Well its called a twist neck pattern not because its literally twisted but because i tweaked the neck line from what its supposed to be. 

This is a sketch of what i want to cut and you can check HERE to learn how i cut this A-shaped flare. The neck line is a little slanted and because of this i will have to attach a strap on the slanted part of the neck so i can attach my flare while sewing.

Front part
I separated my front part from the back part whilst it was still folded and i marked 4.5 inches for my neck width
N:B: Before you start any cutting notch the center of  bottom hem of both the front and back part.

extended my tape forward and marked my shoulders.
N:B: I added half inch to my shoulder length for shaping allowance.

from the point where i marked my shoulder length i extended my tape downwards, marked 8 inches and outlined the armhole.

Then i marked 3 inches for my neck depth

and finally i joined all my markings with lines.

I turned the fabric to the other side and repeated the above steps.

How it looked!

From a little before the center from my right i drew a slanted line,

 followed the lines and cut 
The  outcome!

Back part
Immediately i split open the Zip allowance, secured it with a pin trying to mimic it was sewn and  stretched it out,

laid the already cut front piece on it and cut out the neck pattern.

After that, i notched the of the center of neck line of the front and back part.

i drew what i wanted the strap to look like and i cut it out

placed it on another fabric, cut out the facing and viola! i was done with my cutting

The flare for the neck will be cut after the shoulders have been joined.

Feel free to air where you got confused and do come back to see how i joined all this into a dress.Am sending you lots of kisses for all the aching joints your sewing engagements have caused.

Lots of love,



  1. Thanks for post this informative. I'm a long time reader but ive never commented till now.

    Thanks again for the awesome post.

  2. Thanks for post this awesome!. I'm a long time reader but ive never commented till now.

    Thanks again for the awesome post.


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