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yes you... you naa...stop turning your head its you am talking to....hahahahaha....... How have you been? Busy? Happy? cranky? hope you've been turning up for celebrations? at least it would make you less tense about what has been bordering your mind. Me have just been travelling here and there, staying indoors and had to show up for grand aunt's 80th birthday party which i was glad i did because i danced a little
and it eased the tension building up in my system. One advice sweetie try to play a song and dance to the rhythm, forget about that style that has been giving you sleepless nights and just get lost in the will help that worried heart of yours and you'd thank me later.
In my previous post i taught how to cut a simple gown, if you missed that post you, check it out HERE and today i'd  be illustrating how to sew it up into a beautiful dress just like i did!

First of all join the two pieces of the back part together at the zip allowance. 
N.B: this is done at the point where you notched.

the joining is done from top to bottom of the of the back part

after that pick your dart for the front part and sew

do same for back part.
 i did tutorial on how to sew dart for gowns HERE

Attached the facing to the neck of the dress secure with pins and and sew it to the neck line

repeat same procedure for the back part.

then fix your zippers like the good girl that you are!

you can fix the zip depending on how you want it to appear. i fixed my own in a way it would reveal a bit.

when you are done with the zippers sew the shoulders together. if you just followed the above procedures on your piece clap for yourself....

Body measurement mark out

From the shoulder measure 8 inches downwards and mark

then from the center of the dress extend your tape outward and take your bust measurement

Under bust
also from your shoulder extended your tape downwards and mark your shoulder to under bust length

still from the center extend your tape outward and mark out your under bust width

From there, extend your tape downwards and mark 15 inches for your hips

and at that point, from the center mark out your hip width as usual 

Here, you can take what you want depending on how fitting you want the hem to be. For this dress i took half inches less than my hip measurement, you could make your 1, 1.5, or 2 inches less than your hip measurement. Repeat the above process for the other side of the dress.

join your marked points with lines

what are you waiting for ? run your stitches on the lines

Shaping of the armhole
Remember we left a little allowance for this purpose while cutting the piece? when you get here shape the armhole to your shoulder length exactly and make sure shape its well shaped with the deepened curves in the right place as seen above.

Cut out the desired length of sleeve you want fold into two then into four

Draw the sleeve curve shape on it

cut it out

i did a little turn up with some black fabric on my sleeves you can do same if you like it

and finally stitch it to the dress.

i was in the mood for some designing so i cut some black strips and used it to turn in the hem of my gown. if you are not in the mood like just fold in the allowance you left for sewing the hem and stitch.

i secured the turn in with a hemming stitch. Ladies and ladies...... you just finished sewing yourself a gown if you carried out all the procedures on a piece if not what are you waiting for?!

This post is incomplete without pictures of how i rocked this gown. Sooooooo...*Drum roll* here they are!
I love my legs in this picture

Blurry but perfect

i wanted to see how it will look on a shade black and white 

Couldn't keep my eyes open... me and sun dey fight.

Am sure you now know how to sew a simple gown if you are confused go over the tutorial again or just leave a comment and don't forget to like our page on facebook to get notified on activities going on in the blog.




  1. wow! Ve been looking for a blog like this for so long. Am a beginner in sewing and really eager to learn. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank God I found this blog. So much trying this out tomorrow. How can we post pictures???

    1. #smiles....please try it out and let me know how it went. you can send me a picture of your gown on Facebook @stitchadress or you can tag me on instagram too @stitchadress and you can also DM on both platforms. Happy learning!

  3. Thanks a lot for dis blog... please I want to know how you determine the position of the burst to be 8inches from shoulder and that of the under burst and hip(15inches) from shoulder...thanks


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