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This post is long over due, i gave a hint about it on twitter and since then i have been a little lazy to edit the pictures and put up the post thank goodness its finally up! so lets begin....

The piece used in this tutorial is a gown cut to be sewn.

Front Side

From the shoulder mark out your shoulder to nipple point measurement. mine is 9.5 inches

From the center of the piece mark 4 inches to where you marked your nipple point measurement

From there mark 11 inches downwards

Then from the center of the piece mark four inches at point where the length of the dart should stop

Draw a straight line to join the both points together
  N:B the line represents a guide to the length of the dart. repeat the above for the other side of the piece.

Fold the piece equally in such a way that the line is at the center of the fold

Start your stitch a little angled picking a little portion of the fabric per time

it will form an initial elongated triangle

Then towards the middle of the dart pick more fabric. This will enlarge the already forming triangle
 N:B Technically this part is within your mid back/waist hence it needs more shaping.

like this...

When approaching the end line start reducing the amount of fabric you are taking in per time till you get to the end line and at this point you should almost be stitching almost out of the fabric. Repeat the above steps for the other side.

You will have something like this when you are done

Back Side
Its same process but for the back dart it starts at 9 inches not like the front side that starts at your nipple point.

After marking both sides sew the dart as illustrated above

When you are done your dart should look like this....if not you are wrong baby!

The first time i tried sewing this dart it turned out like a banana but with constant practice am now a Pro and you can be one too... just try it out and let me know how it turned out. Will like to hear from you so please drop a comment and don't forget to follow me via these social media platforms: FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM  it just a click to join the stitched family!

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  1. Thank you, FB was reading my mind pertaining to darts. I feel very confident with your complete and simple instructions

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading

  2. Thanks a bunch,you just nailed it.

  3. This is life saving!! My tailor is getting it all wrong!! Thanks Ada!

  4. Thanks so much for taking so much of your time to explain, but can I use it for both front and back?

  5. Nice one
    Keep the great work going

  6. I really love this... it's well detailed... keep it up and I'd love to see more of this


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