How are you? how's the learning process going? interesting? stressful? i know stressfull will be top on your list but not to worry the stressful learning hours will soon end and become enjoyable. This post is just a quick one on how to sew a basic blouse dart.
Back part

At the bottom hem measure 4 inches (some take 4.5 inches depending on their size) and make a horizontal marking

Form your shoulders measure 9 inches and make a vertical marking
From the center measure 4 inches again to that point where the 9 inches measurement stops and make a horizontal marking again. This is just to make your measurements precise. Once you are done with this pick and sew. Repeat the above steps for the other side of the piece.

It should be something like this

a closer look

The above illustration is for the back part of a blouse for the front part you should follow same process but your dart should start from your nipple point ( N:B it means you have to take a shoulder to nipple point measurement to get this right) i hope you have found this post helpful checkout how to sew a skirt dart HERE and how to sew a gown dart HERE.  Don't forget to like our page on  facebook  HERE so you will be updated on what's going on here. its has stopped  raining here and am preparing to over feed myself so the sleep will be sweeter...hahaha......

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