Most of our fabrics if not all comes with sticky labels to show the company that produced it. Most of these labels are designed with beautiful colours to attract customers and to prove their quality. The sad thing is once
the fabric is ready to be sewn these labels have to be removed. There are different ways of removing these labels and which ever way you have to be careful because if not properly removed it leaves this white layer behind and this layer is very very very very difficult to get off from the fabric. I have found the "heating " way of getting sticky labels out the most effective and below are to steps on how to go about with it.

Fabric with sticky tape

Plug in your pressing iron and allow it to heat

Place it directly on top of the label and leave it for a while before taking it up

Just  peel off the label

To know you've gotten it right the label would easily peel off

If some parts remains sticky....repeat the heating process

There you go....

The label is off. Simple and easy!

naughty face!
Bought this new lipstick and i decided to try it at  night...naughty me!

Hope you have found this post useful? till next time... stitch that piece you've been dreaming about.

Lots of Love,



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