Wow! its June already and have not made all the styles of clothes in my head. O! Ada-uju when will you stop being a lazy seamstress ehen?ehen......?lols......
I love the colour red, i dont mind wearing it all day, i see it as my saver colour. When ever i can't decide
on what to wear * you know girls confusion on outfits* i just end the commotion by picking the red outfit. The funny thing is i don't have a favourite colour i can wear all colours and still feel the way i feel when i wear red. My friends say i love black, red, and white but i love green,blue, pink, yellow, burgundy, lilac, brown just every colour. I love love this red gown it was sewn out of neccesity, in a hurry and it turned out beautiful. It has a belt that gives it this cool fitting on me and without the belt it make me look preggy. My friends call it maternity gown without the belt and shaolin gown with the belts on in all i love both dimensions of its beauty.

Enjoy the pics!
Runway things on my mind

 My photographer teased me

I don't know how these models do it

Am getting there!

Oshey! Super model!

I love this one...

Am alive!

Feeling fulfilled....posing no easy.......

In all i love all colours and i get a little confused when am asked what my favourite colour is? then i smile and say i don't have one! Lift up your hands and say Ya!Ya! if you don't have a favourite colour hahahaha! Am sending you lots of Roses and Kisses.



  1. Great outfit and look, red is certainly a show stopper. Warm greetings!


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