Its Monday!
Am looking at my calendar at the moment and am just wondering ....May will soon be over. This is one month i love because its my birth month and  am always unusually very optimistic about everything around this time because i believe me seeing this month every year is enough reason to stay positive
against all odds. This post is mainly for beginner's, its going to come is different types and just as the title states its for skirts. How to sew other types of darts will still come up soon. i talked about the essence of darts  sometime ago in this post. Darts are responsible for the shape and fitting we get in our clothes. its not only darts that are responsible for this but they play a major role. Sweetie, below is how you sew a skirt dart *hands stretched apart with a big smile* lols....... 

This is an already cut out piece for a skirt to be sewn.

From the center of the piece, mark 4.5 inches.
N.B: The dart is usually 4 inches apart from the center so you mark 4.5 inches so that after sewing it will be exactly on 4. Understand?

At 4.5 inches notch or make a slit as seen above.

From where you notched extend your tape downwards and mark 4.5 inches.

Repeat the above step on the other side of the piece.See that line you've made fold the piece at that point.

Then you start sewing. Pick about half inch on your first few stitches.

Then start narrowing it down as you approach your marked length.
N.B: What you are trying to sew is like an elongated right angled triangle.

End the stitch in a tapered pattern i.e the last stitch will look be so not into the fabric

When you are done you will have some thing like this. Stitch the second dart following the above process.

View of both darts

Darts are very easy to sew....hope you agree with me huh? huh....? come back for more tutorial on how to sew different darts for appropriate outfits. Till then.....

Lots of love,



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