Happy new month!

Its! i think this year is running so fast.... do i have a witness in the house ?! when its the first day of other months people send messages and best wishes to friends and loved ones but for April its a little different some people that are in love with shenanigan
think of various ways catch fun on that day. experience wasn't a funny o and it all started like this...

March 31st
Tawa and i were talking about something and she wanted to call one of our friends. This friend is  very  hilarious, fun to be with and a close one.... lets call this friend Dave . Tawa called Dave and he didn't pick up neither did he returned the call at all. it was strange because he always called back whenever he missed anyone's call.

March 31st  09:50 pm
My eyes were heavy and i was a little worried why Dave haven't called back. I decided to call him at 10:00 pm but it didn't happen because at that time i was in dreamland already ....hehehehe.....

April 1st 3.11am
when i woke up i called severally but he didn't pick up and i went back to my beauty sleep.

i missed a call from a strange number and i was wondering who was calling so early before i thought long the number called again.
Me: hello
Caller: hello Ada
Me: (i quickly recognized the voice it was Dave's aunt) good morning Ma
Dave's aunt: when was the last time you spoke to Dave
Me: the day before yesterday
Dave's aunt: ah! he didn't come home yesterday and we've been calling but he not picking up
Me:  i called earlier this morning and he didn't pick up too but he was but he was active on FB 8hrs ago
Dave's aunt: he didn't come home o and we are looking for him
Me : ok ( didn't know what else to say so i said bye and ended the call)
hmmm.... my people this was where the drama began
Camera roll!...........action!
i sat up on my bed and called Tawa and she said i should calm down and  try to call him again. she also asked whether they have called his office and so sharp sharp i called Dave's aunt and she said they have called his office line and he's still not picking up. I asked if they have contacted his boss and she said no. My head started turning, i felt like using the toilet, by this time all the sleep in my eyes  disappeared. I thought of how i could contact his work place and gbam!  the idea of searching for their facebook page  came up i did just that, got a hold of his a valid number thank goodness it was his boss so i  contacted him asked whether Dave was at work the previous day and when he closed the boss told me all i wanted to know and this left me shattered. 
Where in the world could he be?
Was he kidnapped?
How could he be so insensitive not to call anyone to say he's all right so we wouldn't be worried sick?
I thought about so many things that could have happened .......tried to convince myself that he passed the night in a friend's place but why didn't he call home to let them know or even at least pick up his calls so we know he's ok? I felt weak, dizzy, stood up and walked in circles in my room,, said a little prayer and while i was doing that tears dropped from my eyes. i put myself together and called Dave's aunt and asked a lot of questions ( can't even remember what i asked) and i called again and this time all the energy i got from my night rest was gone.
I felt pressed while i was going to the rest room i got a beep on my phone. It was a missed call from Dave's line, i tried calling back but it wasn't connecting ( at this point i concluded he was kidnapped and that they were trying to contact us for a ransom or he was back home with one funny excuse). He called back and his little cousin was the one on the line she said  April fool..... and there were several rounds of laughter April fool?  April fool.....?all i could say to them was well done i was too shocked to believe it was all i joke. i just entered the rest room and eased my bowels whilst i thought about the whole drama that had taken place
I was exhausted mentally from the whole thing and i just took my bath, ate, and went to bed. When i woke up in the afternoon i started laughing at myself...C'mon i fell so cheaply for the story and was even crying  *kai* ( i hope Nollywood is recruiting because i think am a good drama queen).
I asked  few people whether they were fooled and they shared their experience with me. The whole drama shattered all my plans of sewing that day and i could feel my sewing machine giving me side eyes for negligence. Where you fooled on first of this month? what was it like? did you cry like me?

My next post will be on how to cut a skirt so come back soon.



  1. nice one madam. captivating..

  2. Lol! I Really expensive! If I were you, I would arrange a proper kidnap for Dave so he knows what a real kidnap looks like just in case he was getting any more ideas... besides the next April 1st isn't so far away!

    1. Abii....sounds like major plan for next April fool.


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