Heya lovelies!
How are you? Am sure you've been up to something creative off late hmmm....? see this skirt above ? i made it in my room and a lot of compliments have been flying left, right, side and center lols.... couldn't help but  blush till my cheeks turned violet
hehehe..... check out how i cut this skirt here

Ehen.... lets take a look at these first
Back View

Side View
I see you!

Oya stop Admiring lets start.....

Remember the Zip allowance and where i notched?  i ran a straight stitch from the top side to the bottom side.

I spread the joining apart, spritz some water and ironed the front side and back.

Zip Placement
Fix your zip where you have your zip allowance.

Dart placement
The slit for my dart.

From where i made i slit, i extended my tape downwards and marked 4.5 inches. Did this for the front side and back side of the piece.

I proceeded to sew my dart....

This is how the dart turned out.

i spritz some water on it and ironed both sides.... this was done to make it not look puffy.  i have four darts on this skirt, two on each piece... if you are sewing yours and you have just 2 or 3 even one on the entire dear you are wrong!

I cut 1.5 inches of gum stay, used a heated dry iron to gum it on the waist line of the piece and of cause i did this for both the front side and back side.
N.B when gumming the stay to the back side, stretch out the zip allowance remember we made it fall over the piece after ironing.

Measurements Mark out
Joined both piece together, i ensured the center of both piece met and secured with pins.

Waist Mark out
Measure out your waist width

Hips mark out
From the point where i marked my waist measurement i extended my tape downwards and mark 8 inches. Then from the center i marked out waist width. Got it?

Hem Mark out
Also from the center i took a measurement 1 inches (or half inch ) lower than your hip measurement. take your measurements on both sides.
N.B: The least you can take is Half cm.  you can increase it depending on how you want the shape to look.

Line to Line
Connect the marked points with lines.

Sew on the lines.

Always verify your measurements again before you proceed to cut off the excess.

Zip Allowance Trick
This skirt does not have a slit at the back.... because of this after joining all side it made the region beneath the buttocks flabby.. so to take care of that i did a slant stitch from the hem  upwards, towards the zip ( as seen above).

Waist Line
I measured out my waist on the band and just attached it to the skirt, top stitched and turned it over. after that ironed it with a little water so it would relax.

Joining the Skirt and Lining

Folded the hem of the lining to keep it neat.

 I attached the lining to the band in such a way that when turned over it would cover the stitches made.

I folded thrice while stitching the lining to the waist because of the extra inches i added while cutting
N.B: The lining must not be as fitted as the skirt, allowance of half to one cm is necessary.

Something like this....

Zip Side
At the zip, i side turned it over in such a way that the lining and the material were facing each other back to back.

Lining  (Front View)

Back View
We are almost donnnnnnne...*smiles*

I folded 1 inch of the hem ,secured with office pins and i hemmed.
After that i used my steaming iron to press out all the sides and every stitch made. For the waist line and hem, i applied water till it got wet then i straighten it with the iron and viola! i was done sewing my skirt.....! 

Shining my 32

Casual look....

Don't you say anything.....lols!


I have a dream that one day i will be a run way model....
In your dreams baby!
Easy right? try it out and keep me posted. Till next time...stay stitched! *smiles*




  1. Quite informative and detailed! Kudos for the good work. You'd make a good model. Lol. Nice skirt at the end. I wish it were a male dress;Can you make a pair of trouser for me? *tongue out*

    1. Thanks....Sam! For the trouser we would look into that.*tongue in*


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