Hello ladies....
How have you been? cool? If you follow me on twitter am sure you've been expecting this post because i tweeted about it. If not, you should, because you need to get a hint of what's coming up on the blog so just follow me here. Almost every girl wears a skirt and its one of the most popular clothing that identifies
you as girl in company of guys that's if you are wearing one at that moment and sewing one is very easy. Am gonna teach you how to cut your very own.
Measurements needed
Waist - 28
Hips - 40
Skirt length - 23

First of all
Fold the material into two.

Then into four  but not equally. leave about 1.5 inch behind as allowance for the zip.

Something like this.


Measure your desired skirt length....but remember to leave about 1.5 inch for folding the hem. After that just cut it out.

Now we have a working piece!

Notch  the place  where the allowance started to extended from the original length, do this for the top side and bottom side. Also notch the center of the part without zip allowance.

 From the place where the piece started (center) that's for the side where there's no zip allowance mark 4.5 inches and make a slit across the four parts of the working piece as seen in the picture. This is done to mark where your dart would be.

Extend your measuring tape and mark out your waist measurement 

From the  point where you mark your waist measurement extend your tape downwards and mark 8 inches this for the hips. From the center, extend your tape to where you marked and take your hips measurement.
N.B: For adults when we want to mark the point of the hips we take 8 inches horizontally from the waist before we proceed to vertically mark out the width.

At the hem of the bottom side, extend your tape from the center of the piece and take a measurement 1 inch less than your hip measurement.

 Connect each marked points with a line.

When you are done with that, verify your measurements again and cut but not exactly on the line. Leave about 2 inches gap (allowance) before you cut  because you would pick your dart and this would shorten the waist width also this allowance is left in case of mistakes while measuring or cutting.

Front side
There you go

Back side

Zip allowance
Secure the zip allowance with office pins from the point where it was notched.  Do this end to end.

Fold into two

Here, take your measurement divided by two. My waist is 28 so i marked 15 inches i.e plus  1 inch for allowance. my hip is 40 inches so i marked 21 inches. Hope you understand? ehen? join the points with lines

Just cut. This style of cutting lining for skirts is one i formed because i didn't like the other method which is not captured in this post. 

I cut a straight piece of about 1.5 cm wide for my bands. My dear you just cut a skirt. Oya do your happy dance lols....
For more information watch this video

Check out these post on notching and darts so you would understand the essence of these on clothes.
Come back soon for a tutorial on how to sew a skirt. See you soon!




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