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How's your Sunday going? Mine has sure been busy! I've spent the week sewing some clothes for myself and an incident that occurred  birth this post. In  2015 one of my friends asked me to make her a gown with a complicated neck pattern
. I thought for days how to cut this neck pattern till i got my eureka! did a happy dance round the room before i finally settled to finish cutting the piece. After that, i cut same neck pattern on another piece and even taught someone how to cut it. Fast forward to 25th of April 2017 i wanted to cut same neck pattern and it was war! you wouldn't believe it but i spent two hours racking my brain and trying to remember how i did it two years wasn't funny because i began to second guess myself ruined about half a  yard of fabric while trying to get it right which i finally did but then it occurred to me that i could forget again and to avoid that i have to do the following:
  • Sketch the neck pattern in my book.
  • Write down a detailed explanation of how i got the style right.
  • Write down all necessary measurements and its corresponding adjustment for various instances.
  • Cut the style on a Brown paper or on a piece that i would keep as a reminder.
  • Cut the style and sew the style severally for myself so it gets more into me till cutting it becomes a piece of cake.

This is all i would be doing hence forth so the fore mentioned scenario wouldn't repeat itself. Have you experienced this before? How did you get a hold of the situation? I wanna hear from you!




  1. Stumble on your blog recently and find it helpful. I am a beginner also learning. I enjoy your detailed explaination. Tnxs a bunch

  2. Yep. Sewing a lined totebag. Get it right the first time. Next bag, several months later, totally forgot how I did it. Had to reinvent the wheel (and by reinvent the wheel I mean find another simple how-to on YouTube). This time, wrote it in my hardcover notebook. Same for sewing a fly front on jeans. My jeans are self-drafted. Finally had to write down how I do a fly front. You think you will never, ever forget, right? hahaha. Yeah, right.

  3. yea...that's it! you always think you will never forget until the time you need to do it again comes and the confusion drama starts with plenty emm.. emmm... i thought i did it like this the last time?


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