Hey beautiful! how are you? awesome i guess ?
If you are reading this post now you should have read how i cut this piece to be sewn in my previous post and if you've not its Here. Soo.... this is how the enchanted dress was stitched lols......

I started with the flay
The Flay (Bottom Part)
I wanted a turned up flay
so i just turned the back of the material and stitched the lining to it then, turned it over to the front side and top stitched  the joining to keep the hem laid

I sprinkled water on the hem of both the lining side and the material side this was done to make the edge of the flay look relaxed and not puffy.

Thereafter i pushed the rest of the lining to the waist side of the flay and secured with office pins 

 Stitched and trimmed excess lining.This step was carried out was to remove excess lining due to the flay turn up  and Viola! my Bottom Part was ready... easy right..?

Shaping the Top Part
Remember when i talked about darts and how they give our clothes fitting Here...?
Darts for the back side of clothes normally starts at 9 cm as seen in Pic b, for  the Dart width i normally pick my Dart at 4.5 inches interval so when am done sewing it would be at 4 inches as seen in Pic a, c and d

Back Side
I sewed two Darts on the back side. One for each of the two sections

I did same for the lining and when i was done i ironed to straighten the piece

Front Side (Double Breast)
I picked my Darts on the double breast  but here i measured  out where i wanted my Darts to be from where i notched .i.e  4 inches from the notched area.
The Dart started from my nipple point and i got this measurement by measuring from my shoulders to my nipple as seen in the second picture.

See my neatly picked Dart

I did same for the lining

Then i joined the back side and front side by the shoulders and i did same to the lining

The Bands
I stitched the bands to double breast and the back side

Sprinkled some water on the sewn shoulder lines this was done to make the shoulders relaxed and not puffy like puff puff lols...

I still sprinkled more water on the band seam and ironed to get it relax also

After sewing the band to the Double Breast i notched the point of lap  this time on the band because the seam has covered the initial Notch. Understand....?!

Top Part , Bottom Part, and Belts

Top Part and its Lining

i marked the  notched area and  i lapped the Double Breast secured with office pins and i proceeded to mark out my measurement

Measuring Out my Shape
I measured out my bust

and round my under bust. You could check out this Post for clarity

Joined the lines of  each mark out, attached my belts and sewed.

I did same to the lining 

I sewed the lining to the material and turned in the  neck and armhole . hmmmm.... finally the Top part was ready

I quietly like a good girl that i am joined both sides together and my gown was ready! *Happy face*
Wait!.. wait!  hold on !
No one asked where my zipper was remember this is a fitted gown so a zipper is required.
Emmm... Ummm....*scratching my head* actually there are no zippers on the dress....i used press buttons

I fixed press buttons on the point where the double breast lapped and further after it

on the bottom part i arranged the buttons on strategic points to hold the dress properly

see the arrangement...

After that i ironed the dress and posed for these...

Fine girl!

I love this pose

what ya looking at?

This is how we do it baby!

Super model baby.....haha 


that's all of the posing for now ...

I did a little video for the dress, do check it out and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. i really want to see pictures your own version of this dress, you can mail me a picture at Feel free to ask for clarity when you get stucked!

Lots of love,



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