My people! people.....!!
How are you? its the month of love and am sending out lots and lots of kisses to you, yes... you! if you follow me on facebook you would have seen the announcement i made about  my valentine gown. So am making a beautiful gown to mark that day because i can't allow all these love birds intimidate me with their red and white dresses left, right, front, back and!
all the steps will be documented here in this blog so keep in touch. I have said it over and over again that our body is divided into four sections, the back side and front side of the body having two sections each and all sections are equal per part.
Notching is a V-shaped cut used for keeping a record or  indentation. Notching comes in handy when cutting a material to be sewn, this is done to keep in mind where the center of the cloth is so when marking out your measurements it would be easy to put the center of both sides of the body together without mistakes because measuring out your size on a  piece starts from the center of the cloth to the rare. Now if the center of both piece didn't align properly and you mark it out and sew, when you put it on it will look bended to the sides, flabby and very unattractive. We now know the importance of notching now let me show how to notch!

Remember this blouse?

1. Fold the center of the material
2. Use your scissor to cut a small portion of the folded part 
3. Use have just notched your material..... clap for yourself  *smile*

Notching is also done to keep record of a portion where you want to sew specially.... stay around for more sewing basics




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