How have you been?  this post has been in my draft for a while now and i have been so choked up with, i prayed against every anti-post spell disturbing me and that's why you are seeing this o!
*smiles*  when i taught you how to sew a blouse from this post i just did surface explanation on how to go about measuring out your bust, your round under bust and waist on your blouse. Now the fore mentioned measurements are what you need to mark out on your blouse after sewing your shoulder lines and have done a post on how to do that here
Measurements needed
shoulder to under bust 
round under bust
I did a post on how to measure these places correctly here
This is the front side and the back side folded together but you can spread it out to mark provided you know the center of the blouse because marking starts from the center to the rare.

How to ark out your bust
Pic a: from your shoulder measure 8 cm downwards and mark
Pic b: You should already know your bust measurement and like the way we do it it your measurement divided by 4. My bust is 34 inches so i marked 8.5 inches that's 8 and half

Round under bust mark out
Pic a: if your shoulder to under your bust is 12, place your tape on your shoulder lines and mark twelve downwards.
Pic b: my round under bust is 28 divided by 4 is 7 so i marked 7

Waist marked out
My waist is also 28 so divided by 4 is 7 so i marked 7

Line to line
Join the lines together, repeat same markings for the other side of the blouse and sew
cut out the excess material

I marked on same side so you would understand most times i do it on the different sides.

So this is how my bust, round under bust and waist is measured out on a blouse piece of cake right? try it out and let me know how it went.

Love and Smiles,



  1. Thanks so much Ada would try it out

  2. You are welcome dear.let me know how it turned out. You could send a picture of the blouse to


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