How are you doing? Cool?.....okay? I guess? . The first blouse made by me was yellow in colour, not so fitting to my body,sleeveless, round neck, just a little below my navel and the fabric was cool on my skin.
I loved this blouse so much, wore it with pride and just couldn't wait to announce to anyone who cared to listen that it was made by me. See ehen.... there's this joy unspeakable when you wear any cloth made by you and this is because you have long desired to do so. I'd be teaching you how to make yours...... lets get to work!

A yard of material
Office pins

Round under bust(breast)
Waist measurement
Blouse length

Pic 1: fold the material into two( make sure what you have folded would give you your full bust measurement plus 4 extra inches e.g if my bust is 32 when folding into thats... dividing 32 by 2 give me 16 right?  now what i would have on both side of the two foldings would be 20 inches  each. This is done so there will be enough allowance for cutting, shaping, sewing and mistakes).
Pic 2: fold into four.
Pic 3: take your blouse length leaving at least an inch allowance for folding.
Pic 4: cut out the portion needed and keep the rest apart

Neck and Shoulder mark out
This piece was folded into four representing the four sections of the body as explained here take 4 inches downwards and along the shoulder axis(pic 2) .

 Proceed to mark out your shoulders: if your shoulder is 16 inches divided by 2 that gives us 8 inches .Now you have marked 4 inches for the neck from shoulders to mark out the shoulder just extend the tape and mark 8 inches as seen above.
You noticed a double mark on the shoulders right? that is 1 inches added to the original shoulder measurement and this is done so there would be enough extras left when you want to shape out armhole after joining both sides.

Arm hole mark out
From where you stopped the shoulder length take about 8 inches downwards and draw an L-shape with a deep groove as seen above.

Because this is a free blouse without complicated designs you can mark out the body measurements before joining the shoulders, from the center measure out your bust, round under bust and waist. as i have said its free blouse so to your normal measurement add 1-3 extra inches depending on how free you want it to be. Do this for both sides of the blouse.
TIP: my bust is 32 divided by 4 is 8 .The first line you see above is my original bust measurement while the second line the 1 add cm to make it free.....why because there's no zip in this blouse.....understand? yep i thought so

Join shoulder to shoulder

Sew on the marked line of your measurement

Shape out your arm hole

The blouse was looking too plain so i decided to do a little touch-up with the bayas!


i wore it to church and i was looking simple and elegant.
Any confusion? feel free to ask me any question.....




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