I can't believe its been almost 2 months since i blogged and sincerely i didn't see it coming. If you follow me on facebook and instagram you would have watched my life update were i talked about returning to school for my second degree and i have not been able to settle down even as i type but i won't wait till i get all settled cos i have missed blogging, am leaving you stranded and its not something i want anything to affect.
I'm so sorry for the absence, fingers crossed, it won't happen again!

So i  initially drafted this blazer as a simple shirt but along the line i didn't want to a shirt anymore plus i added too much inches to the neck width and depth so it just disqualified it as a shirt for me (don't know what i was thinking when i was measuring that out...see nobody is above mistakes).

PS.  Keep the neck depth at 1 inch for the back side and 2.5 inches for the neck width same for the front part but the neck depth here should be at 1.5 inch

So i started with the button hole allowance,

applied some gum stay on it,

folded neatly, secured with pins,

and sewed. 
Try to make the stitch neat and straight because its serving somewhat as a design.

Here's how it looks and do this for the both sides.

After that i quickly jumped to sewing the shoulder lines,

then i marked out my body measurements,
and sewed.
Here's how it looks...

The next step was to sew my facing so i pinned my facing to the main body,

ran stitches across and after that i gave it a good press with an iron to make the neckline relax.

At this point i was almost done so i just folded the hem, secured with pins, did some stitches to hold it in place,
turned my armhole with a bias and i was done! It was that simple!

I love how beautiful it sits on my body and how it came out.

P.S.  For this picture i had to hold the top part lapped together with a pin but will be replacing it with a press button.

Am finally getting a hang of balancing school and blogging so don't go anywhere!



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