Hey there!
If there's one thing i'm trying to overcome this year its procrastination but sometimes i feel its winning this war because this post is one week late and somehow i don't have an excuse why its not been up. This post is kinda a series on different dimensions of flare and a shirr is a kind of  flare formed
when the fabric is pulled at different points in one direction giving it a bell shaped look. So here's how to make a shirr!
Cut out a good portion of fabric that is double the length of where the shirr is suppose to fit in after the shirr has been made.

Regulate your machine to sew loose stitches ( not so tight or tiny),

after that make straight stitches across the entire length of the fabric.

 i made one line but its advised you make two in case it snaps while pulling the second stitch would save the day especially when its a large fabric. 

When you are done with the stitches before you start making the shirr loosen the last stitch you made then pull your thread 

and push the already formed shirr backwards...

continue like that till the whole fabric is shirred...Now that was easy wasn't it?

Am dedicating this post to my dearest cousin Ejovwoke...Cuz its been over a year now since you died but it still seems like a dream to me. I remember your smile, jokes, kind gesture and words you will never be forgotten...i will tell my children you never got to meet about you and how much you cared for me and teased me about not wanting to go out that I'm a mallam's wife oh! how i miss your face and your calls. May God grant me the power to get over your loss cos it still brings tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. I miss you bro and i know we would meet to part no more in the land beyond.


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