Happy New Year people!!!
How did your celebration go? Mine was cool and busy i was always in the kitchen cooking or cleaning after cooking. I took all my calls there and even sent some messages from there too. i enjoyed time with family though it was short because i had to run back for a friend's wedding that took place in eastern Nigerian. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen some pictures i took at the wedding and if you are not following me on instagram what are you waiting for?
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2017 was a big one for me not in a way that i wanted but am thankful cos the life lessons i learnt has shaped me into a better person for 2018 and even for life. I started 2017 in the euphoria of completing my service to father land and doing other things with my life. Things i had planned but didn't step into the reality of it till i got in a fix and was wondering whether i made the right decision. Everything was going well till i passed out of parade in may 2017 and i began to feel the heat of making the right decision for my life and career. I love to sew and enjoy talking about it and i said to myself that someday i would venture into having my own clothing brand but  i didn't think of starting at that time. I just casually brushed it aside and kept making clothes for myself. I wrote my masters screening exam and wanted to do a little academic work to keep myself busy whilst i awaited my admission and while deciding on my choice of job, i wanted one that would allow me sew and blog.
I got a very low paying job and i was so humiliated...for the first time in my life i felt so bad and i understood how people who didn't like their jobs felt every morning when they had to go there. I was on that job for about six days and i just had to quit cos i wasn't happy, i was under paid, i couldn't sew, didn't have time to blog and was very very sad. I had to sit myself down and ask myself what i really wanted, the kind of job am willing to do and most of my answers pointed at establishing my clothing brand and making products for natural hair and from then i decided to do just that!

But my dearies...it wasn't easy cos while am trying to save up to put a product in the market someone is who is concerned is sending a link of a job opening and telling me why where i am  now is the wrong place that am supposed to be here and there...that some of my mates just grabbed a job with so so company and hope my master  plan is worth it and trust me this just increased the pressure i had inside of me and at that moment i felt like disappearing. I got tired of seeing links to job openings cos even the ones i applied for i was turned down but i was a little happy cos i didn't want anything to take me away from my path i just found but was sad i was rejected and have never been in such situation all my life. 

Friends started getting jobs here and there and people kept asking what i was doing with myself and i gave answers like "am awaiting my masters admission and in the main time am blogging" and i got a lot of eye rolling which i ignored. The good thing is i had a good family to fall back on for support when the going got tough and the comforting hands of loved ones to always hype my resolve when it seemed like i didn't have control over myself. Am grateful for all the love, friends that kept calling back though i intentionally missed their calls cos i didn't want to talk about me or the ones that had to bear my shit whenever i was edgy. Loved ones that never let me give up on me cos i cried uncontrollably, i felt like i didn't know where i was headed or was lost in a wrong path but thanks to God for his unfailing love and guidance. 
I finally got a hold of myself, turned down job openings, channeled my energy towards growing my brand, put my first natural hair product out, did a lot of reading, learnt/still learning tactics of my business and sharpening my sewing skills daily.
One thing i learned is not to have plans just in my head...but to write them down, sleep on them, read them, place a timeline, pray about it and practically take steps not minding the whirl wind of uncertainty. 2017 didn't just come with trials it also came with a lot of fun...i traveled more than i have ever traveled all my life, had fun with friends, spent time with the special one and of cos sewed more clothes. I have learned to build my strength in the days of trials and not to lock everybody out. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me, thanks for your calls, messages, words of encouragement and love. To one person who has a very special place in my heart thanks for putting up with all my cranky yanky shitty mess and always being here to comfort me. 
I am a better more refined lady on a quest to finding a career and creating a life that makes me happy. 2018 up we go!




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