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 Happy happy new month! Am grateful to God for all he has done in the past sister its not been easy. Never new growing up was this demanding where you are your own pilot and have to make the best decision ou
t of your options. i wouldn't say i hate it naa... actually
am enjoying it except for the pressure in my head that of cause sewing and thinking of my next blog post takes away. Having said that thanks for staying with me this far and don't worry am gonna make the learning process an enjoyable one for you. Today am gonna teach you how to cut a simple gown for your beautiful body  just as i did *wide grin*....Lets start!

Measurement needed (mine)
Shoulder - 17
Bust - 34
Under-under bust - 12.5
Round under bust - 29
Hip - 36
Waist - 28

I folded the fabric into two

 Then  into four leaving about 1.5 inches for zip allowance at the back this

 Measured out my  desired length

took out the excess and i was left with my working piece

I notched the bottom hem of the front part and back part of the piece

Front part
I measured 2.5 inches for the neck depth

took 3 inches for the neck width

extended my tape forward and measured 9 inches for my shoulders
N:B my shoulder length is 17 divided by two is 8.5 inches so i added half an inch for shaping out the armhole. 

joined my marks with lines

From the point where i marked my shoulders i extended my tape downwards and marked 8 inches for my armhole * don't mind the small allowance i bought only a yard of this fabric* 

Back part
i lifted the front part a little and marked where the zip allowance started

from that point i took 1 inch for neck depth and 3 inches for neck width, draw out the shape i wanted the neck to look like 

and chipped it off!

After that, i laid the front part on it and cut neck area too but getting to the shoulder i cut the front and back part together through till i got to the armhole
N.B: don't forget to notch where the zip allowance started after cutting the neck side of the back part and you can check out how to notch HERE

Body Measurement Mark Out
from the center of piece i extended my tape to where the arm hole stopped and took my bust measurement

measured my shoulder to under bust length and marked out the width

from my under bust i took 14 inches for hips length

and still marked out the width at 9.5 inches ( added 0.5 inches to my present hip size because i slimmed down) 

also took same measurement for the hem because of the style of the dress

joined each marking with lines

and finally i cut * saying this in slow motion*
N.B don't cut exactly on the measurement give like 1.5 to 2 inches seam allowance and in case of unseen errors

Facing (Front part)
 I folded a little piece of fabric put it behind the main piece and traced out the neck shaped

Back part
Did same for the back

When i was done with that i folded the fabric neatly and tied it up. i also cut some black fabric for a little touch up here and there.

A post on how i joined every piece of this gown is coming right up so keep in touch or you can just like our page on facebook HERE to get updates on whats happening in the blog.

Lots of love and sunshine cos its raining as i type,



  1. Well illustrated, thanks
    But I a question. 1) what is the normal underarm measurement? 2) when marking your shoulders does it start from the neck marking or after the neck marking? 3)what is Under-under measurement as stated in ur measurement

  2. I don't understand your first question, for the second one yes you mark your shoulders along your neck axis because you calculate your shoulder length with the already marked neck length. You could use the search tab and search for "how to shape shoulder lines" and for your last question its actually shoulder to under bust not under to under

  3. Please, is there a particular way of shaping the armhole? Also, I observed that the bust measurement didn't start from the underarm. I am a beginner and your post is very helpful and explanatory

    1. Yes dearie there's a way the armhole is shaped to give your sleeve fitting after its been sewn and my bust measurement is at the armhole slide point or you could just measure 8 inches from your shoulders downwards and mark your bust from the middle at that point.

  4. Well explained, but u didn't tell us how u got urs armhole to be 8" or is that s measurement for everybody and how u got ur neck to be 3" by 2.5", or is it d same measurement for everybody?

    1. Hi onyinye! When cutting a piece that for a teenager/adult the intial armhole you take is 8 inches then after joining you can now reshape to an extent depending on your bust and your neck measurements you can choose to change it to fix satisfy your fantacy.

  5. This is really cool.I just learnt a faster and easier way to make plain gown.But Sis oh,am having issues with armhole,can you please help out with illustration,Na gode Sosai!

    1. Amieta will try to put up a post on armhole soon!


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