Hello sweet!
How are you? This post is just a quick tip to make your sewing experience a lot easier. Nothing is as frustrating as having a faulty sewing machine when trying to stitch up a piece and at times it just kills the spirit
and leaves you sad especially when you've imagined how you would slay in that piece.
Whenever you experience difficulty in peddling your machine or while sewing you notice that the sound from your sewing machine is like that of a cassava processing engine please please *hands in the air* its time for some oiling. Yes! oiling you heard me right! you have to drop oil in those tiny tiny holes in the machine, those teeth where the sewing takes place, raise the machine up from the wooden platform and oil the moving components beneath and also do the same for the peddling wheel and its compartment. After this get some pieces to wipe off  excess dripping oil to avoid a messy work area.
When you get back to sewing you will notice that the sound of the machine has changed and that you don't have to step so hard to get your stitches going. I hope you've found this post helpful? Do stick around!


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