Happy new month........!
 Am glad January is over, i enjoyed myself and had a lot of rest from last year's stress although some folks didn't let January be oo *hands stretched forward* they just kept complaining... this month is too long, ah.... are we still in January? and am like ehen ehen we are in June*side eyes*.
 it was a beautiful month for me am very optimistic for February admix the whole economic palaver. Moving over to our main concern for today which is the shoulder lines of our clothes.
    If you have observed your body properly you would have noticed that the angle from your neck to the joint point in your shoulder is slant i.e  in form of a descending stairs and this is attributed to the bone formation and its arrangement in the shoulders. When cutting, shaping, and sewing shoulder lines in a cloth you should observe the slant so as to give the cloth a perfect resting fit on the shoulders.

Sketch of a blouse to be cut. do you see the slant?.


Like i said in this post fold into four

Mark out the depth and width (wideness) of the blouse.
After marking out how wide you want the neck to be proceed to mark out your shoulders as seen above. My shoulder is 17 inches divided by 2 is 8.5 inches now, i marked out 4 inches for my  neck and went ahead to mark 8.5 inches for my shoulders.
N.B : the 8.5 inches encompasses the measurement for neck width .i.e 4 inches for width plus 4.5 inches topping your the general measurement for the shoulders of the blouse.

From the shoulder point take 8 inches down for the arm hole.

Shape it out. 

Cut and unfold the pieces, joint shoulder to shoulder and stitch.

The stitch should be slant .

Yoosp! like this
Did you notice the stitch slope towards the end of the shoulders?

Viola! your shoulder lines are shaped and this is one step to getting your dream dress *smiles*. Remember you fold into four representing the four sections of the body and when marking the shoulders you divide your shoulder measurement by 2 and mark it out like that on the folded piece.

N.B: In the diagram i used cm for quick understanding and please oo in sewing we measure in inches..

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  1. No wonder the shoulder lines of dresses appear saggy. thanks for this post Ada!

  2. I like ur efforts but pls inches not are confusing the


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