How's everyone doing? Hope well? To get positive results you have to take accurately planned out steps. So to come up with a beautiful outfit it all starts from getting your body measurements right and expressing to the best of your abilities while cutting and sewing. 

I had said in the last post that the bilateral symmetry of the back and front side of the body is what enables sewing to be well understood. This is because each side has been divided into sections so for both the front and back side we have a total of four sections and each section has same length all rounder. Measurements are taken at specific points, from point to point on the body in other the highlight the beauty of that side of the body on the outfit to be sewn. Emmmm......Hold on Ada-uju !So how do we go about measuring.....when we don't know where and where to measure?*Wide Grin*. Not to worry sweetie I'd show you how!




Pic 1: measuring from shoulder to nipple
Pic 2: shoulder to nipple
Pic 3: shoulder to under breast
Pic 4 and 5: round under breast 
This can be done in two ways. The first way is the picture above, to get it correctly place your tape in the middle of the vertebral column and measure till you get to the place where the joint where the tibia meets the shoulder bone. To know if you are on track feel the bone and ask the person you are measuring to move her hand so you can as well see whether where your tape is on the right point.
The second way is not captured in this post but it is simply done by starting to measure from the joint in the right hand to the joint in the left hand or vice versa.

Start at the point where you stopped when taking shoulder measurement i.e from the joint in the shoulder to where ever you would want the sleeve to get to and always get the round measurement of the point where the sleeve is supposed to stop (as seen in second picture).

You can also can this from the front side of the body. For me when doing this i line the  measuring tape to projections( boobs and butt) and grooves( beneath boobs and butt) on the body so as to get an accurate measurement.

This can be done from the front side of the body too.The measuring tape must touch the ground just beneath the heel a little. WHY?? because when you wear your shoes with high heels it raises the gown from the ground and the gown length shortens exposing your shoes  and this is a no no for me!

aaaa...ha! all measurements are taken in inches  ooo before we start having strange readings!. *smiles*

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