List of things you need to start sewing
1.        Yard of plain fabric
2.        Scissor
3.        Straight office pins
4.       Measuring tape
5.        Pencil
6.       Tailor’s chalks ( colour depends on the colour of the fabric )
7.        Book
8.       Razor blades
9.       Threads
10.   Hand needles
11.    Sewing machine
12.    Pressing iron
13.     Aha! lest I forget¸ your heart too! Do I have freshmen in the house or are you already on your way to the market?
Stay tuned for the next post it’s the basics of sewing.

stitch.....stitch ADA-UU


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon ur blog, its bin bookmarked on my phone.
    Beginner here.❤️

    1. Welcome to the world of sewing dearie! We are glad you are here!


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